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Moss Pole 90 cm's

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Give your favorite climbing plants the support they need to thrive with our high-quality Moss Pole! Made from natural coconut coir fiber, this 90cm pole provides a sturdy and organic climbing surface for your Monsteras, Pothos, Philodendrons, and other vining plants.

Key Features:

Natural Support: The moss pole mimics a plant's natural climbing environment, encouraging aerial roots to attach and climb for healthy growth.
Coconut Coir: Made from sustainable coconut husk fibers, this moss pole offers excellent drainage and moisture retention, promoting optimal root health.
Lightweight and Bendable: Weighing only 270 grams, the moss pole is easy to install and can be gently bent to fit around existing plant growth.
Let your climbing plants reach new heights!

Get your 90cm Moss Pole today for just 18 riyals!
    Moss Pole 90 cm&