Landscape Services


Landscapes go beyond creating beautiful gardens.  Irrespective of the concept, our team of landscape supervisors and engineers will be on site to help you reach your objective within your budget and time frame.

Hotels,  Schools, developers of residential and commercial complexes and ministries  are just a few of our clients. To deliver projects on time, we put a lot of emphasis on quality and efficiency. We are equipped to deal with any situation or challenge thanks to our team of committed project staff and our  inventory of tools and equipment.


We pay attention to our clients' needs and offer original solutions. Our team has extensive experience organizing and building a range of landscape designs and scales. These include garden artwork, water features, irrigation systems, and soft landscaping.

Make your dream garden a reality by getting in touch with our team of experts. We can provide you with complete solutions that meet your space, budget, and style.


We always get our plants and accessories directly from the producers. Hence,  we are able to offer services in the fastest possible time at a fair price. 

Wholesale distribution of horticultural products is handled by a different division of our company, which works effectively with our landscape division.

Indoor Plant Services

Good and well maintained indoor plants reduce stress at work place.  Healthy and cheerful people make a more meaningful and productive work day.

In QATAR ,  THE GARDEN CENTRE WLL   provides a distinctive care  for  Indoor plants with unmatched commitment to client environments. We are in the business of bringing these natural elements closer to you. 

We integrate nature into your workspace, whether it be an office, showroom, or workstation. Due to our extensive knowledge in this industry, our talents have  been perfected




Customized Bouquets

 Flowers are without a doubt the ideal gift for any event, from a birthday to a get-well, a new home to a new baby, and they may be customized to your preferences.

Only the best and finest flowers are used to create floral arrangements by our network of incredibly skilled and professional florists.

Our hallmark is treating every order with utmost care and precision.

Our aim is to make it simpler than ever for you to impress your friends, family, colleagues, and close friends that you care about them, remember them, and are happy about them.